Residential Plumbing

Gallagher Plumbing Inc - Family Owned and Operated. Serving Orange County CA since 1982.

Gallagher Plumbing provides services in all aspects of residential plumbing. The most important part of our business is keeping a long term relationship with our customers.

Our residential services:

Pipe Replacement

Do you have an older home? Overtime pipes deteriorate and need to be replaced. Do you have rust colored water or low water pressure? These can be signs that your water line needs to be replaced. Gas and sewer line replacements are other services we offer.

Fixture Replacement

Do you have a leaking faucet or shower head? Are you tired of your old bathroom faucet and would like to replace it with a new modern faucet? Gallagher Plumbing can repair and replace kitchen and bathroom faucets.


Is your house or backyard being remodeled? Gallagher Plumbing can help you with your home remodel or room addition. Whether it be a bathroom, kitchen, or whole house remodel we will meet your plumbing needs.

Whole House Water Systems

There are many benefits of having a whole house water system. First, it removes the chlorine from the water and keeps the good minerals so it tastes better and you drink more. It also helps keep your skin soft, reduces soap scum, and gives you clean water for washing clothes. Whole house water systems also help reduce mineral build in water heaters.

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