Gallagher Plumbing Inc - Family Owned and Operated. Serving Orange County CA since 1982.

Brian & Cindy Rouze

Gallagher Plumbing is a family business that came highly recommended to us. They arrived within 24 hours (and would have been there even sooner if it had been an emergency). They quickly quoted our huge plumbing project and beat the price of several other competitors both large and small. They successfully re-routed our plumbing so it was no longer under the slab of our house spanning through 4 separate areas in our house. Most of the work was done in our garage. The other companies told us to expect a lot of demolition damage. But instead of creating a 4 feet by 4 feet hole in our floor in our bathroom, they did an incredible 1 foot by 1 foot hole so we could replace it with a single tile. Now that was impressive!

We had several questions and they patiently addressed them all. We wanted to inspect and save pieces of damaged pipes just in case we needed it for insurance purposes. We asked for a look at the work as it progressed and per our request they kept us informed every step of the way. They did the job in the time promised and were so clean, efficient and courteous.

We highly recommend them and have been sharing their praises with all of our friends, family and just about anyone who’ll listen! Doug, Rona and Jason Gallagher were a delight to work with. Thank you Gallagher Plumbing, you really took great care of us!

Richard D.

“I have nothing but positive feedback for this family oriented business. It is not easy to find a plumber you can trust. However, I was put at ease once discovering that the entire family is vested in its success. I admire businesses that are family owned and operated, especially when their values are transparent to the client(s).

I had a drainage pipe leak sourced from my 2nd floor master bathroom that created water damage in the downstairs closet. As this was my second leakage issue in 1 year, I decided to find a plumber to repair these issues in my home. I reached out to a plumbing service that didn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about their work ethic or quality. They fit the perfect mold of a plumber with sagging jeans below the waistline.

A good friend of mine referred me to Gallagher plumbing. Rona was very courteous and made me feel comfortable when scheduling my appointment. She also followed up a second time to confirm the service visit.

On the day of the service visit I met Doug (the owner) and Jason (his son). The courteous theme continued here, as they understood my pipe leak issues and let me know they were able to address them on the same day. In addition, they provided a fair price in comparison to the previous plumber. Their company shirts also conveyed professionalism.

I certainly appreciated that they targeted the root cause of the leak, where my home insurance auditor attributed it to normal wear and tear. Gallagher plumbing found otherwise and shared this information with me immediately. My piping leaks were repaired and saved me from the aggressive reminders from my wife!

During the course of the repair visit, I became comfortable through conversation. I found out that Gallagher plumbing also handles commercial plumbing projects on a large scale. They shared one of their projects that was a water park at a 24 hour fitness in Orange County! I was thrilled to know that because this would align very well for my backyard dreams!

I am certainly comfortable and appreciate the service that Gallagher Plumbing provides. They were effective, efficient, and kept me comfortable that my leak issues could be resolved on the same day! Thank you Gallagher family for your awesomeness!”

Will W.

“I wanted to share about a recent issue that I had with my kitchen sink and the amazing response provided by Gallagher Plumbing. I was frustrated when I realized that the issue was going to prevent me from using my dish washer and my garbage disposal. So I called up Gallagher Plumbing. Doug and Jason showed up at my house during my lunch break and fixed the issue within an hour. When Doug stated how much the services would cost I was shocked by the fairness of the price.

Over the years I have worked with several plumbers with varying success. I am proud to say that Gallagher Plumbing is the best plumber that I have worked with. They are fast, friendly and efficient! I would recommend them to anybody looking for a very positive experience with a very professional family-owned and run business.”

Teri E.

“I had what seemed to be a strange plumbing problem. I called Gallagher Plumbing for help and the very first time I called I not only shared my plumbing problem, but enjoyed an energetic fun conversation with Rona Gallagher. I felt as if we were old friends.

My appointment was for 8:00 am and at two minutes to, the Gallagher truck pulled up with Doug Gallagher and son Jason. I greeted them on my porch and after my phone conversations with Rona, I felt like we were old friends.

They found the leak was not a simple thing and there were several other issues. These two gentlemen spent nearly four hours at the house making sure everything was fixed properly. I had outdated equipment, things were frozen and rusted. When I came home everything was clean and neat and working better than ever.

Three years ago the “smell good plumber” put in a disposal for me. I supplied the disposal and was charged $350 for approximately 30 minutes of work. Gallagher Plumbing worked nearly four hours, checked everything to make sure it was in working order, and did multiple repairs that were very much needed.”

Kathy M.

“I have needed to use Gallagher Plumbing three times this year. They have always been prompt to attend to my needs, reliable and fair with their charges. I highly recommend Gallagher Plumbing! I have used them to change out water heater, fix a slab leak and a leaking toilet.”

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